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BEE Educated Show Episode 12: Hannah Interviews Nicole Stafford

This week’s episode is an interview between Hannah Dresang and Nicole Stafford. Hear her talk about her educational practices and her endeavor as director of the Education Learning Center. 

CSU’s Environmental Learning Center:

“The Colorado State University Environmental Learning Center aims to connect people to nature through high-quality environmental education experiences in and about the environment. As a learning lab within the Warner College of Natural Resources, we train and mentor future leaders in the field and bring the passion and expertise within the college to the outside community.”

[2:00] Nicole explains her start

[4:50] What drew you to environmental education?

[6:30] What goals of environmental education do you relate to the most?

[12:30] What’s it like to be the director of the ELC?

[15:51] How was the ELC established?

[26:55] What are other organizations in the area doing?

[33:30] What advice do you have for people running similar organizations or teachers in general?

[36:00] What do you hope to see for the future of environmental education?

Show notes for this episode can be found here

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