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BEE Educated Show Episode 6: Hannah Interviews Anna Eick

Today’s episode is an interview between Hannah and a guest, Anna Eick. Stick along to learn more about Anna’s experience with education!

[0:38] Q1 Do you think your parents being teachers played a role in you wanting to become an educator?
[4:02] Q2 How different is your position as a state park ranger during the pandemic?
[8:21] Q3 Do you have a personal approach to environmental education/teaching techniques?
[11:22] Q4 Do you have specific ways that you prepare to teach your lessons? What is your lesson plan process?
[13:54] Q5 Is there a specific teaching experience that you’d like to share that was particularly memorable?[17:30] Q6 How would you suggest that techniques used in environmental education can be used in teacher’s classrooms?
[22:27] Lighting round questions

CSU’s Environmental Learning Center:
“The Colorado State University Environmental Learning Center aims to connect people to nature through high-quality environmental education experiences in and about the environment. As a learning lab within the Warner College of Natural Resources, we train and mentor future leaders in the field and bring the passion and expertise within the college to the outside community.”

Instagram (personal): @anna_plays_outside
LinkedIn (personal):
Canyonlands Field Institute link (mentioned in all episodes with Anna):

Show notes can be found here

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