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BEE Educated Show Episode 16: Brad James Interviews Tom Still

This week's episode is an interview of Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council about Wisconsin's YES! program. 1:25 Tom explains his background 6:12 Any advice for people/educators who want to make a change in their school system? 11:53 What does the whole program entail? 15:57 What is the…

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BEE Educated Show Episode 15: Brad James Interviews Anthony Iracki

In today's episode of the BEE Educated Show, Brad sits down with Anthony Iracki to discuss his parks and recreation background and how that correlates to education. 0:53 Brad introduces Anthony 1:40 Anthony’s experience working for the City of Milwaukee 3:05 How Anthony got into parks & recreation/his background 6:30…

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BEE Educated Show Episode 14: To play or not to play, what are the consequences?

This week's episode is a deep dive into a survey that shows kids may be drifting away from sports and outside play. Is this a new normal? 0:01 Brad introduces the episode 4:59 Brad gives background about the survey: 9:35 National Geographic study 10:48 Play helps with 16:16 United Kingdom…

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BEE Educated Show Episode 13: Virtual Student/Teacher Engagement

This week's episode of #TheBeeEducatedShow discusses education and how educators can engage students through their learning activities. 0:16 Brad recaps past interviews 2:55 Book recommendation 8:10 Teaching during a pandemic 11:07 What stops educators from using the type of models they want 14:40 Brad’s call to action or “nugget” 18:07…

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